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COLLEGE 1:1 coaching

Online academic coaching that provides personalized academic support from a knowledgeable and caring academic coach (who is also a former teacher!) for students in college.


We use a holistic approach so that you're not just building a better study routine or better grades; you're building empowerment, confidence, and the foundations for success.

Who is
this for? 

  • College students who want extra support & guidance from an academic coach who understands both what they're learning and how to best learn it

  • Students do well in college overall, but wish it felt more peaceful or easy; it feels like an emergency each time they need to study for a test or complete a project

  • Students who want to learn how to study and organize their time but have never learned how or have never implemented what they’ve learned

  • Students who want to do well but are struggling to motivate themselves

  • Students with ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning differences and challenges who want a coach who understands neurodivergence and learning disabilities and can help you craft a plan that works for your brain

  • We are based out of Atlanta & Savannah, GA and work with students across the country.

What does this support look like?

Weekly coaching session(s)
via zoom

Think of your coach as a teacher, encourager, mentor, thought partner, and tutor all in one!


Get Started: You and your coach get to know each other and set up the conditions for great learning and coaching. We do a syllabus deep dive, ensuring you understand what you need to do to excel in each class. We also help you set up an organizational system that works well for you.

Goal Setting: You'll set a long-term goal with the support of your coach, who will help you by mentoring you in habit-building and checking in about progress weekly

Plan The Week: Next, we talk about what’s coming up that week for you: exams, assignments, projects, deadlines. We look at long-term & short-term tasks and talk about what needs to happen that week to get there.

Work Time: We help you with the tasks you most need support on for that week, whether that is learning a new study skill as we help you study for your upcoming biology exam, helping you craft a compelling resume to apply for an internship, or brainstorming with you about what next steps to take after receiving a disappointing grade so that you can turn things around!

Next Steps: We provide accountability about follow-through.

We meet for the equivalent of 15 weeks per semester; 55 minutes each or 2 half sessions of 25 minutes each.

follow-up Emails

The coach sends a follow-up email to ypu summarizing the session, upcoming assignments, and the steps you are committing to taking that week to meet all of your deadlines


You will be able to reach out to your coach via text or email for support and questions between sessions


  • Is college feeling overwhelming?

  • Are you struggling to balance studying  with time with friends?

  • Are you forgetting or missing assignments and appointments?

  • Are you doing ok overall, but you know you could be thriving and excelling with a better study routine?

  • Do you feel like the jump from high school to college was just too big and you're having trouble managing school alongside adulting?

If you said yes...

you're exactly who we love to help!

college semester packages include:

 + includes 1 full session (55 min) or 2 half sessions (25 min each) approximately weekly (15 weeks)

+ follow up student summaries

+ texting support

Pricing is $3150 for the semester

$5800 for 2 semesters (a $500 savings over enrolling per semester)

Monthly pay plans are available with a $150 pay plan setup fee

73-739119_double-quotation-marks-double-quotation-marks-png (1).png
Like a lot of young adults entering higher education, my son struggled at the beginning of his college career. He was overwhelmed, disorganized, experiencing new found freedom and generally feeling at a loss.

After a first semester of failing one class, dropping another and feeling like he couldn't make it all work, his coach stepped in and completely turned him around. She helped him get on track and stay on track by giving him tools to help him manage his time and assignments and not get overwhelmed.

He went from almost giving up to making Dean's List second semester while still enjoying his college experience. We continue to work with Empower Academic Coaching as he enters his sophomore year and I would imagine we will continue to work with them over the course of his college career. 
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