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From Parents:

"[My son] really struggled with 10th grade and was pessimistic about his ability to succeed with a challenging case load. His coach did not give up and really helped him push through resistance to attending tutoring, trying new study habits, and speaking with teachers. It's still tough but I see him making progress and the accountability with his coach helps me to sleep easy at night." - Parent of 10th grader

“We love [our son's coach] and she has been amazing when it comes to helping him build a homework and study routine...[his coach] is so kind and patient, yet incredibly thorough. She does a wonderful job of keeping him on task and accountable! This week, [he] had three big tests.  Together, they came up with a study ahead plan for the weekend and nights prior to each exam. It was SO helpful to have that daily checklist when he sat down to study. I love that she sends me a copy, too... With two tests on his plate today, [he] was still excited about going to school! Wahoo!" - Parent of 6th grader

"Caroline, Kate, Jess, and the rest of the team at Empower Academic Coaching are lifesavers! Through them I have been able to stop parenting from a fear perspective.


Having ADHD myself, I'm very disorganized and feel like I'm slacking on some aspect of my child's future success. After my daughter's diagnosis of dyslexia in 5th grade and 2 years of OG tutoring, we realized she needed more academic support in all academic areas.


For the past 3 years, she has steadily grown in time management, study skills, teacher communication, and CONFIDENCE!!! She enjoys school and feels good about herself (and our relationship has improved significantly).


Her older sister (ADHD) has also benefited tremendously from working with Jess to manage her anxiety and procrastination around assignments.


She got into her first choice college and will continue with Jess as she learns to manage academics, mental/physical health, finances, socializing -- all independently.


Both of my daughters have learned to manage schoolwork and enjoy life in between. They have learned how to become strong students, yet make decisions that are right for them (i.e., not take APUSH or do IB curriculum just because their friends are).


Financially, Empower Academic Coaching has been the best investment in our daughters' future that I can ever imagine! They are owning their successes and failures with guidance from incredible humans.


Caroline, Kate, and Jess are highly trained educators who focus on a student's strengths and let go of the shaming aspects of a highly competitive school system. In conclusion, I'm so grateful we found Caroline and team, and for what they have created -- such an awesome, progressive group. Thank you all!" - Parent of 10th grader and college freshman

STUDENTS, what CHANGES HAVE YOU NOTICED IN YOUR LIFE SINCE working with an academic coach?

"I have learned better study methods and how to control my workload."

"I was never a planner before I worked with you. My mom would buy me a new planner every year and it would just stay empty. After I started academic coaching, I just felt so much more on top of things and so prepared."

"I review things that I have learned throughout the week, not just right before a test. Also I have learned that I need to actively recall information in order to remember it, so I do that when I study."

"[Now] I am a student who gets their work done on time and who cares about their grades and studies for tests."

"[I'm] organized and less all over the place."

"At first I was not achieving a passing grade, then I got help from [my coach] and I got a final grade of B+. She really helped me focus on what I needed to study on instead of random topics." 

"I put way more effort in. Even if it is not that big of an assignment, I make sure I can get the most out of it."

"I have gotten better at being able to work through my anxiety with a school project."

"I became much more school-driven and I'm ready to do well again next year. I'm ready to put energy back into school now that my mindset is in a good place."

"I'm proud of my organization and how I really made an effort this year."

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