Parents, what do you love most about working with an academic coach?


"[Our child's coach] is an exceptional, insightful, talented tutor.  In structuring the sessions to match the student’s needs, she easily demonstrates her teaching skills, flexibility and ability to help the student move from his or her comfort zone. [She] helped our son remain focused, organized, motivated and positive throughout his freshman year. We recommend [her] with sincerity and appreciation." 

"[My son] really struggled with 10th grade and was pessimistic about his ability to succeed with a challenging case load. His coach did not give up and really helped him push through resistance to attending tutoring, trying new study habits, and speaking with teachers. It's still tough but I see him making progress and the accountability with his coach helps me to sleep easy at night." 


"At first I was not achieving a passing grade, then I got help from [my coach] and I got a final grade of B+. She really helped me focus on what I needed to study on instead of random topics." 

"[Our child's coach] was a great find for our son this summer. He normally resists extra work outside of school, and she made the tutoring experience enjoyable. He looked forward to tutoring each week and really came along with his skill set this summer. Our son has dyslexia, and [she] tailored her approach to meet his needs. We would recommend [her] to anyone."

STUDENTS, what CHANGES HAVE YOU NOTICED IN YOUR LIFE SINCE working with an academic coach?

"I have learned better study methods and how to control my workload."

"I review things that I have learned throughout the week, not just right before a test. Also I have learned that I need to actively recall information in order to remember it, so I do that when I study."

"[Now] I am a student who gets their work done on time and who cares about their grades and studies for tests."

"[I'm] organized and less all over the place."

"I put way more effort in. Even if it is not that big of an assignment, I make sure I can get the most out of it."

"I have gotten better at being able to work through my anxiety with a school project."