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mission & values

Achieving limitless possibilities


We believe that all students can succeed on their terms, both academically and personally.


We use the coaching process as a way to help students set goals, build confidence, and apply strategies to their learning and as a way to help families experience peace of mind.


Through our commitments to empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness, we aim to help our students have richer, more rewarding learning experiences. 


DEI Mission Statement:

Empower is an inclusive, affirming community for students, families, and team members of all identities.


Together, we can all achieve limitless possibilities.

Founder's Mission:

As a neurodivergent woman and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know what it is like to feel unwelcome and unsafe in many spaces. It is of paramount importance to me that Empower is an affirming educational community where students, families, and team members who hold marginalized identities feel not only safe and welcome but actively valued for their identities.


It is a process of continuous creation because diversity, equity, and inclusion are not one-time destinations but instead are ongoing commitments that require time, dedication, and conversation.

That is why we are engaged in regular learning and monthly DEI meetings to learn about injustices that people experience due to race, disability, neurotype, gender identity; address our own biases; explore our identities; and discuss how we can be part of creating a more just educational system and world. We envision a world where all students can achieve limitless possibilities.

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Value #1: Empowerment
  • Progress, confidence-building, and skill development are more important than single grades and test scores.

  • Growth is not linear. Growth is a process with peaks, valleys, and plateaus.

  • We believe in celebrating success of all types - not just grades or achievements but growth in organization skills, increased self-advocacy, and deeper self-knowledge.

  • We believe all kids are natural learners, with an innate curiosity and desire to understand the world within and around them, and the best learning environment is a peaceful one.

  • Learning & growing requires energy, and energy requires time to recharge and relax. Peaceful rest is important for both physical & mental health.

  • We want our families to feel valued, our students to feel valued, and our coaches to feel valued.

  • We respect physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. We keep in mind that we are working together as humans who all have needs and wishes, and we are abundantly thoughtful in our approach.


We truly believe that coaching is an amazing process for facilitating growth - but we also acknowledge that growth is not always a linear process. As coaches, we believe our job is to help your child navigate the challenges they face and make progress on their goals - rather than take over tasks that belong to them. Because of this, your child may occasionally hit a bump in the road - a low grade or a missed assignment, for example. Our philosophy is designed to help minimize these occasions as much as possible but also to help your child learn how to deal with them. Our belief is that learning how to deal with these situations will serve our clients better in the long run and help them build skills for independence. 

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"Both of my daughters have learned to manage schoolwork and enjoy life in between. They have learned how to become strong students, yet make decisions that are right for them... They are owning their successes and failures with guidance from incredible humans."
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