empowered learner framework

At Empower, we believe all students can achieve their version of academic & personal success.


We use the Empowered Learner framework to help students uncover the power within themselves as well as learn new skills that supercharge their powers.

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Although each student brings different strengths and areas for growth to the table, we draw upon this framework to help them all in personalized ways.


This isn't a rigid path; instead, it's a toolkit and source of inspiration. When a student works with us, they will fully explore each of these 9 areas — exactly when it's right for them!


We firmly believe that empowerment isn't a one-time event; it's a continuous process. That means students aren't learning about these skills just one time; instead, we go back to them again each time a student is ready to learn something new, explore a concept more deeply, or need a refresher on how that skill applies to a new situation.

Below is a breakdown of each of those themes — goals, power, and support — and questions we ask students to help guide their journey.


What is a long-term goal you have related to your learning or to your future? Based on a student's age & individuality, long-term could be a few weeks or a few years from now. The key is to think about where they want to go so that we can help them get there!


What skills do you need to get there? This includes specific strategies on how to plan, study, and overcome obstacles.


Who is here to help you on this journey? This could be parents, caregivers, extended family, classmates, teachers, tutors — and of course, academic coaches!

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"I became much more school-driven and I'm ready to do well again next year. I'm ready to put energy back into school now that my mindset is in a good place."