individual coaching

  • Online academic coaching for students in both traditional and non-traditional school settings

  • Personalized support from a knowledgeable and caring academic coach (who is also a former teacher!)

  • Support on academics with a holistic approach & executive functioning skill-building

Who is this for?
  • Students who want extra support & guidance from an academic coach who understands both what they're learning and how to best learn it

  • Students who do best 1-on-1


  • Students who struggle with skills like writing, studying, organizing

  • Students do well in school overall, but it never feels peaceful or easy; it feels like an emergency each time they need to study for a test or complete a project

  • Students who want to learn how to study and organize their time but have never learned how or have never implemented what they’ve learned

  • Students who want to do well but are struggling to motivate themselves

WHAT types of support ARE OFFERED?
  • We offer coaching for students 6th-12th grade and college students.


What is this support like?
  • Weekly coaching session (via Zoom) - 34 weeks (school year) - 55 minutes each or 2 half sessions of 25 minutes each

    • Goal Setting: The coach and student set a long-term goal supported by habit-building and check in about progress weekly

    • Plan The Week: Next, we talk about what’s coming up that week for students: tests, assignments, projects, deadlines. We look at long-term & short-term tasks and talk about what needs to happen that week to get there.

    • Work Time: We help the student with the tasks they most need support on for that week.

    • Next Steps: We provide accountability about follow-through.

  • Weekly follow-up emails

    • The coach sends a follow-up email to parents and students summarizing the session, upcoming assignments, and the steps the student is committing to taking that week to meet all of their deadlines

  • Texting support 

    • Students will be able to reach out to their coach via text or app for support and questions between sessions


What are the benefits?
  • Academic & organizational support from a caring and knowledgeable coach

  • Confidence building strategies

  • Coaching that is personalized to your child's needs

  • Frequent communication


What’s the price & commitment?​

School Year Packages

  • $100 deposit + $415/month - includes 1 full session or 2 half sessions approximately weekly (for full school year - 34 full sessions or 68 half sessions total over 10 months)

You are absolutely allowed to cancel prior to the end of the semester or school year with 2 weeks notice, but the long-term pricing is no longer applied and will revert to a per-session charge.


  • Does your child want to get help?

  • Do you know your child needs help but they need to hear it from someone who is not their parent?

  • Are you looking to build your child's overall academic confidence rather than just focus on one or two subjects?

  • Do you care more about learning and growth than grades and SAT scores?

If you said yes... you're exactly who we love to help!