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What is Academic + executive function coaching?

In short: a student-centered and skills-based holistic approach to education.

Is it the same thing as tutoring? 

It's so much more!
While we do absolutely help your child succeed on what they're learning at school as they would in tutoring, your child will also develop academic confidence and executive functioning skills like planning, organizing, time management, and goal-setting.
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How do you help Students and Parents?

We form a collaborative relationship with students to set long- and short-term goals and progress toward them, serving as caring and knowledgeable guides rather than authority figures. We are all experienced, certified educators with a passion for helping students. We have, combined, worked with thousands of students and have several decades of experience in the field collectively. We use this expertise in our sessions, along with our personal experiences and skills in social-emotional learning. 

Students develop their own solutions to problems, and we celebrate and build on those successes.


We acknowledge that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach, and we work with students to mindfully identify strategies that are worth trying. 

We help parents reduce the number of tense conversations around school. We can also provide guidance on strategies for learning.

What happens in a typical session? 

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When can I expect to see results? 

Academic coaching is a process and takes time and energy.


Some results come quickly, and we do focus on helping students establish a few quick, low-stakes wins at the beginning to build confidence. This could include learning how to create a study plan or decreasing stress around school. 


Other results take time and persistence — just as any truly important and substantial change does. This could include an increase in grades or self-advocacy.

Our work goes much deeper than grades; we are focusing on building skills, strategies, and confidence.
If you are looking for someone just because your child has low grades, we're likely not a good fit for your needs.

Is this the right fit for my child?

Our program is effective if:
  • Your child wants help
  • Your child wants things to be different -- they want to be less stressed and more in control of their learning life
  • You are passionate about helping your child build confidence and life strategies rather than just boosting grades
  • You know that your child can build these academic skills, but it's causing tension in your family for you to be the one leading this process, and you want to invite another caring adult to the table
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“I’ve seen a growth in our daughter's confidence—in her belief in herself and in her own intelligence.”
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