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  • What is academic coaching?
    Academic coaching is comprehensive, personalized academic and executive functioning support. Academic coaches work with students to develop life-long skills--like organization, goal-setting, and time management--that will contribute to success in all of their academic classes. This differs from traditional tutoring, which typically assists students in succeeding in one specific course and is often associated with deficits. Coaching is instead about helping youth gain skills and confidence to build the foundation for a flourishing life.
  • I'm looking for a tutor. Is my child able to get that help in their coaching?
    Absolutely! We will certainly help your child learn what they're struggling with in any subject. We are different from most tutoring because we utilize a strengths-based approach and always have the broader view of teaching additional skills WHILE teaching them what they're learning about in school. Yes, we'll help your child with math, but they won't JUST know how to add fractions or graph linear equations by the end; they'll also know tangible study and practice techniques they can use on future tests in all subjects, or they'll know how to organize their homework so they don't lose it.
  • Who benefits from academic coaching?
    If a student wants something about their academic life to be different and they're willing to take steps toward change, they will benefit from coaching. This includes: - students who are struggling to understand material in one or many classes - students who do not know yet how to study effectively - students who often lose items and have unorganized backpacks and binders - students who find it challenging to complete tasks on time - students who forget about tests, quizzes, or projects until the last minute - students who are making great grades but are on the verge of burn out due to working too much - students who struggle to balance their homework, study schedule, and extracurriculars - gifted students who are bored and need help developing independent projects
  • How frequent are coaching sessions and how long do they last?
    Most students meet with their coach once per week. Some students find that they need more frequent sessions, and others find that they need fewer. We can discuss what would be best for your child. Sessions typically begin with sessions that are 55 minutes once a week or 25 minutes twice a week.
  • Where do coaching sessions occur?
    We primarily work with our students online, typically on Zoom, but Google Meets is also an option. For students in Atlanta and Savannah, we do periodically offer in-person events.
  • Does online coaching really work? My kid hated online school during the pandemic.
    I get it! That was a really challenging time for students and for teachers. However, our online format is completely different from online school. Our 1:1 coaching delivered by caring, passionate, fun teachers is so much more engaging than what students experienced in group online classes. We have lots of experience in this format, so it's much different from the March 2020 version of things. We are skilled in best practices for engaging students online. Our online sessions look exactly the same as our in-person sessions once did -- and in many ways, are even more impactful due to the ease of sharing online materials and collaborating on our whiteboards. Your child's first session -- the student consult with their coach -- is free and no obligation, so they get to try it out BEFORE agreeing to a long-term engagement. Additionally, we've tried to go back to in person before, but our students and families have loved the online format so much that we've remained there. Our students are often busy student-athletes or kids who are heavily involved in their community, and both students and their parents alike appreciate the ease an online session offers. That's one fewer place you need to get to in those busy after school hours! Furthermore, this online format allows us to attract the BEST coaches for your child -- not just the coaches who are in your geographic area.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We ask for 24 hours' notice to cancel sessions and 30 days' notice to end coaching.
  • How do we get started working with you?
    We can't wait to work with you! Book a free parent consult call. Based on what you share, we'll hand select a coach who matches your child's needs, strengths, and personality. After the parent consult, if it seems like we're a good fit, your child will get their own no-obligation student consult. We do ask for a $100 deposit to hold this spot, but that payment will be applied to your school year package *or* refunded to you if either party decides not to move forward. It is not refunded in case of no show or if you do not communicate with us after the session. After the student consult, if we all agree this is a great fit, your child's coach will reach out with an invitation to sign our school year agreement and set up payment. After payment, we'll get you on the calendar - and your child will start having those first sessions toward a better learning life!
  • Does this really work?
    We've helped hundreds of families. Many of the families we work with share that it's life-changing and the best investment they've made in their child's education. Just read our Google reviews from parents and students or our testimonials here. It's worth mentioning that this is not an overnight fix. Learning and academic performance are complex undertakings. By the time a student works with us, they've often had years of struggles that they've been able to manage -- until they can't anymore. Because of that, it does take time to unravel old ways of doing things and build new, effective habits and routines. We love partnering with families who understand this is a process and are excited for a comprehensive support that isn't just focused on grades but also on confidence, attitude towards school, self-advocacy skills, and executive functioning growth.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Insurance does not typically cover coaching expenses as it is considered an educational rather than a medical expense. However, if your child's academic support is a medical necessity, you may find success with utilizing your FSA or HSA; please check with your benefits provider. We have also had some clients who are able to deduct some of their expenses from their taxes; please check with your tax accountant for guidelines on this.
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