Frequently asked questions

What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is comprehensive, personalized tutoring and academic support. Academic coaches work with students to develop life-long skills--like organization, goal-setting, and time management--that will contribute to success in all of their academic classes. This differs from traditional tutoring, which typically assists students in succeeding in one specific course.

Who benefits from academic coaching?

Any student can benefit from personalized academic support: - students who are struggling to understand material in one or many classes - students who do not know yet how to study effectively - students who often lose items and have unorganized backpacks and binders - students who find it challenging to complete tasks on time - students who forget about tests, quizzes, or projects until the last minute - students who are making great grades but are on the verge of burn out due to working too much - students who struggle to balance their homework, study schedule, and extracurriculars - gifted students who are bored and need help developing independent projects

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching sessions are tailored to the student's needs but tend to follow our Empower Coaching Format: - Goals review. Long-term goals, such as developing study skills or improving reading comprehension, are established at the initial session. Short-term goals are established for each session that support achievement of the long-term goals. For example, a student developing study skills may have a short-term goal of creating flash cards for Unit 1 in AP US History. - Prioritize. This typically involve check school websites or calendars for upcoming work and identifying homework, tests, or assignments the student needs help with in this particular session. - Work. The student and coach will work together using research-based strategies to achieve the short-term goals. This may include making and reviewing flash cards, creating a reading calendar to complete an assigned novel, developing mnemonic devices to remember vocabulary words, making a schedule for SAT prep, reviewing math concepts, or writing an essay. - Plan. The student and coach will create an action plan for tasks that need to be completed before the next coaching session. The initial coaching session also includes: - Discussion of coaching session expectations with student, parent, and coach - One or two diagnostic activities related to the student's needs (ex: if a student needs writing help, the first session will include a writing activity as a baseline for growth)

How frequent are coaching sessions and how long do they last?

Most students meet with their coach once per week. Some students find that they need more frequent sessions, and others find that they need fewer. We can discuss what would be best for your child. Sessions are typically one hour, but this can also be adjusted based on student need.

Where do coaching sessions occur?

Most families prefer to meet in their own home, but public spaces like libraries and coffee shops are also an option. Group coaching sessions are held at a coworking space in Decatur.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request at least 48 hours' notice for cancellations.

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