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We take students from
stressed out & overwhelmed...

to confident and successful

Your child's success is our top priority.

We are a group of certified teachers who are inspired by solving the problem that causes so many kids struggle in the classroom: because kids can't just focus on what to learn, they need to know how to learn.​
The skills that help students learn and thrive in school -- like organization, time management, and study strategies -- are called executive functioning skills.
We serve as your child's academic success coach and thought partner so that they can build their
executive functioning skills alongside their academic skills, confidence, and happiness.
We specialize in supporting
students with ADHD, anxiety, autism, or other learning challenges reconnect to the joy of learning.
We work with middle, high school, and college students to propel them towards success.​
And in the process, we help families reduce tension around school and
develop more peaceful relationships with their teens.

our results

$2.4 million

Amount of scholarship money our Class of '24 seniors were awarded for college

*Results from students who responded to our survey in 2023
Students at School

ABOUT empower

At Empower, we're passionate about helping kids learn at the highest level. We help them succeed in what they're learning at school -- while also helping them build skills for future success.

We help kids learn these skills while also helping them succeed on what they're currently learning at school.

Subject-specific tutoring is often just a Band-Aid over a larger issue -- likely related to an executive functioning skill like organizing, time management, or study skills.

Wouldn't you rather get to the root cause of your child's struggles in partnership with a professional academic coach -- who is also a certified teacher?

Expert-led educational support is one of the best investments you can make in a child’s present and future – and in your family’s relationship.

Our families typically save tens of thousands on college tuition thanks to scholarships -- and helping your child build confidence and uncover their path in life, all while creating more peaceful family dynamics, is priceless.

We help your child:

  • identify their areas of challenge and strength using our intake assessment

  • customize their learning path based on that assessment

  • coach them in increasing their organization, planning, goal-setting, problem-solving, and study skills so that they can achieve academic and personal success

  • celebrate their wins so that they're motivated to keep going!



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