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college Prep express - FALL 2023

We’ll take students from overwhelmed and stressed out to confident and ready to submit applications to their top choice schools that reflect their educational values –
all by the Early Action deadline!
What is college prep EXPRESS? 
  • College Prep Express is a package of customized, targeted 1-on-1 coaching sessions for students and support for their parents designed to empower rising seniors in developing a completed college application they are proud of

  • We offer two supportive options, both offered online:

    • 1:1 Individual Sessions (can begin at any time)

    •  Small Group (Tuesdays from 5pm-5:55pm beginning Tuesday, September 26th)

why empower?

We’ve developed this program after observing & supporting many Empower seniors through the college application process. We’ve learned that:

  • Students assume senior year will be easy and they'll have time to do their applications – but especially if you’re in IB or AP classes and juggling a part-time job, volunteer work, sports practice, or hobbies, it’s truly difficult to find the time

  • Colleges look for senior year grades that indicate a student is having their best year yet – not coasting

  • Students who try to also engage in a rigorous college application process struggle to make it all work


You know that at Empower we are big believers in empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness, so we’ve thoughtfully curated a program that brings peace to what can be a stressful process. 

We don’t want our students to feel stretched thin this fall.


 Instead, we’ve created a nurturing environment to empower them in completing a college application that they feel proud of.

Who is this for?

This is for current seniors who:  

  • Want to go to college

  • Planned to work on their college apps this summer... but never got around to it

  • Want to do their best, but not at the expense of their mental health

  • Are willing to do work in between sessions but sometimes struggle with getting started

The outcome:
  • A finished application ready to submit by early action deadlines - without stress!
  • Increased confidence
  • A plan that your child puts into action with ease & mentor support

College Prep provides a stress-free and personalized approach to the college application process. 

Your child will get:

  • College Prep sessions with their assigned coach

    • 1:1 option: 8 individual sessions

    • Small group: 6 group sessions on Tuesdays from 5-5:55pm, starting Sept 26th

  • Email updates to family

  • Text/email access to coach between sessions for quick questions & support

  • Intake assessment to create a customized plan for their success

  • Finalized draft of a college application + essay ready to submit to colleges by the Early Action deadline 

And based on their assessment, we'll select from the following topics based on their needs! (For the small group, we'll take all student needs into account when selecting topics.)

  • Understanding of what colleges are looking for

  • Polished college essay 

  • Personalized feedback on school-specific mini-essays

  • Financial & scholarship guidance 

  • Senior year academic plan

  • Senior year checklist

Book a call with us! We would be happy to answer your questions and share with you how this program will be transformative for your child.

Please note: if you would like to request a personalized payment plan or payment assistance, please contact Caroline at We have carefully and thoughtfully priced this program to reflect the full value of the high quality service delivered, but we are committed to helping our valued families, so please reach out if this is a barrier to registration.


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