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empower parent circle - spring 2023 cohort



We take parents from…. 

  • "We want to learn some of the triggers that we might be causing without knowing."

  • "Understanding how to support her through her anxiety, brings my anxiety up."

  • "Everything is a challenge, and there's a lot of defiance. So you know we clash a lot, we're not good with boundaries and regulations."

  • "He probably has a different way of learning and maybe that's not being catered to at school, and we're struggling to navigate that together."

  • "We're ready for a change but she's not ready for coaching."



  • "Now I know when to give him space and when to offer support."

  • "I feel comfortable navigating both of our emotional needs around tough conversations."

  • "We know how to set expectations that align with our values and fit her sense of justice." 

  • "When there's an issue at school, we know how to move through it together." 

  • "We can navigate these challenges together now."

What is epc? 

EPC is a group coaching program designed to empower you in navigating challenges with your child and moving from struggling to confident!


We will look at how developmental and academic challenges might impact your child and how to move through them together. 

It's a comprehensive 6-month transformative coaching program, led by two trained coaches.


You will receive guided support & resources from trained professionals, as well as from other parents navigating the same struggles as you. Having both of these resources will empower you in your path forward. 

Who is this for?

This is for parents who are:  

  • ready for a change 

  • confused about why their child is struggling so much in school

  • looking for ways to understand their child and where they're at developmentally

  • feeling stuck, and working to maintain and repair their relationship with their child

  • finding that school is creating a lot of tension in their relationship with their child

  • feeling like they don't understand how their child's brain works

  • hoping to find a way to navigate challenges with their child 

  • feeling alone or overwhelmed with supporting your child

  • looking for a community of parents so you feel supported & understood

  • seeking something beyond typical parenting advice and want the educational & developmental lens they can apply to their relationship with their child

The outcome:

EPC provides the framework to make lasting changes in how you navigate conflicts and challenges with your child from a values-based approach.


You will not only have a community of parents to lean on during struggles, but you'll also receive guided support from our trained coaches on how to support your child's needs. 

The outcomes you'll gain from this program: 

  • Strategies for moving forward in your relationship with your child

  • Finding peace of mind when navigating conflicts 

  • Feeling confident in the face of academic, developmental, and parenting challenges 

  • Ways to navigate everyday struggles with your child

  • Shifting your mindset so you feel confident and equipped

  • Self-forgiveness and self-compassion 

  • Knowing and understanding how to support your child in the best way for them 


EPC is a six month group coaching program that meets every other Wednesday at 5:00pm EST from March 15th through August 16th.


Each standard level member will receive: 

  • A session outline and theme breakdown 

  • Additional resources and practice to apply your learning


  • Access to our Facebook group 

  • One 1:1 session with one of your coaches 

  • Access to recorded sessions 


Each VIP level member will receive: 

  • All standard level 

  • 2 additional 1:1 sessions with a coach (3 total)

  • Personal access with your coach in between sessions for questions & support


WHo are the coaches?

Meet Jess (she/her/hers), a parent and former teacher who enjoys helping students with building confidence, becoming a strong self-advocate, and accountability towards achieving their goals. 

  • 2 years academic coaching experience

  • 2 years parent support for kids with ADHD/Executive Function challenges 

  • 5 years coaching varsity basketball

  • 7 years teaching/leadership experience (physical education, leadership, and mentorship)

  • B.S.ED and M.S.ED in physical education

  • Estimated over 400 students supported in over 10 years in education


Meet Megan (she/her/hers), a former teacher who enjoys helping clients with personalized strategies and finding peace. 

  • ADHD Certified coach who works with parents of kids with ADHD, students with ADHD, and adults with ADHD

  • Masters in the Spanish language 

  • 3 years academic coaching experience 

  • 5 years teaching experience 

  • Over 500 students and 100 parents supported over 8 years experience 

  • Hosts parent workshops and training sessions for navigating neurodivergence and conversations about school 

What’s the price & commitment?​

We'll send you a custom agreement after payment. Please note, if you'd like to request a personalized payment plan, reach out to us at

The EPC Curriculum

Every other Wednesday at 5:00pm EST (55 minutes)

Starting March 15th 

Each session will consist of: 

– A check-in to share any concerns/moments of growth 

– A prompt to guide discussion topic for the week 

– An learning/discussion session led by the coach

– A Q&A session

– A goal setting/reflection moment 

Module 1: 

1. Values Exploration - March 15

2. Introducing this work to your family - March 29


Module 2: 

3. Understanding your child’s development in navigating this work - April 12

4. Managing expectations with values in mind - April 26 

5. Interpreting No's - May 10

6. Communicating with your child with values in mind - May 24

7. Building trust with values in mind - June 7

Module 3: 

8.  Setting goals based on trust - June 21

9. Building systems to navigate hurdles - July 5

10. Setting up accountability - July 19

11. Moving towards sustainability and consistency - August 2

12. Reflecting on growth - August 16

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