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women+ with adhd support group

This small support group is an inclusive space for those who hold or have held a female identity. As we know, neurodivergence shows up differently in those conditioned females, and this space is designed for support and guidance for those people. 

Who is this for? 

  • Those who are looking to connect with other Women+ who share Neurodivergent labels

  • Individuals who want guidance on struggles surrounding their neurodivergence

  • People who want to try something new that will work WITH their neurodivergence instead of against it. 

  • Those who are ready to take the first step towards peace and understanding their ADHD 

Who facilitates the group?


Megan Buck (she/her)

Meet Megan, Empower's ADHD Specialist!

As a certified ADHD Coach and neurodivergent woman herself, Megan leads our Women+ with ADHD Support Group. 


Megan is a queer, white, cis-woman who is passionate about teaching people things, Spanish-speaking cultures (especially the food!), and learning every day. In her spare time, you can catch Megan reading all about witches, vampires, or other sci-fi characters, watching YA fantasy dramas & superhero movies, learning about the planets and space (aka... astrology), baking, and looking at pictures of cute animals.

Members have shared: 

"Megan is kind and caring and nonjudgmental."

"[She] holds a safe space for all of us to share and provide feedback for each other."

"Megan is kind and resourceful and helps walk through the thinking process of what we're working on."

— JST Coaching Certified — EF Coaching Certified — Life Coaching Certified — ICF Recognized — ACO Recognized —

What are the benefits?

  • Support in a structured, inclusive, and unique environment

  • Group-centered discussions facilitated by a certified ADHD coach 

  • Accountability check-ins 

  • Strategies for success designed specifically for ADHD minds delivered in a low-stakes virtual environment

  • Optional group chat, with access to: 

- Shared member resources

- Information about research/diagnosis

- Social media "relatable" content 

- Encouragement and/or brainstorming between sessions

Women+ Sign Up

sign up here

for our welcome email with next steps!

We currently meet every second Friday at 8am EST

and every fourth Friday at 12pm EST. 

Note: Space is limited to 15 people. Sliding-scale payment is offered, with a suggested payment of $25 per session.

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