Our Mission

We believe that all students can learn and succeed, both academically and personally. We use the coaching process as a way to help students set goals, build confidence, and apply strategies to their learning and as a way to help families experience peace of mind. Through our commitments to empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness, we aim to help our students have richer, more rewarding learner experiences.

Our Values

We strive to provide an inclusive community. We are an LGBTQ-owned company, and we are affirming of the LGBTQ community. We strive to use gender inclusive language. We believe Black Lives Matter and support racial justice for Black people, indigenous people, and people of color.  We believe students with disabilities deserve equitable access to education, and we strive to eliminate ableist language and ideas in our practice.

We are guided by our core values of:

  • Empowerment

    • Progress, confidence-building, and skill development are more important than single grades or test scores. We focus on growth & empowerment, not perfection. Indeed, we think mistakes are an essential part of growth.

    • We commit to helping students develop self-empowerment and seek the communities & resources that can help them achieve growth, but we also acknowledge that our students may face oppressive systems due to their race, disability, neurotype, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ identity, among others. We help students grow & achieve their goals, but we do not victim blame or believe the student is solely responsible for their success. Rather, we believe in the community’s role in ensuring all children can be successful, and we consider ourselves to be an important part of that community. We believe all people deserve equitable access to education, and we strive to provide a coaching community that is affirming, inclusive, and just. 

  • Peace

    • We believe all kids are natural learners, with an innate curiosity and desire to understand the world within and around them, and the best learning environment is a peaceful & calm one.

    • Learning & growing requires energy, and energy requires time to recharge and relax. Peaceful rest is important for both physical & mental health.

  • Thoughtfulness

    • We want our families to feel valued, our students to feel valued, and our coaches to feel valued.

    • We respect physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. We keep in mind that we are all working together as humans who all have needs and wishes.

Our Commitments

  • We donate our skills & time to students who may otherwise be unable to access academic coaching. We do this through partial and full scholarships as well as volunteer work with local schools. We also fund local classroom projects through DonorsChoose.

  • We have a goal of ensuring that at least 30% of our business expenditures go toward Black-owned businesses. We are currently at 46% of all business expenditures for January 2021. (Some we work with or purchase from frequently: ChicGeeks, Brave + Kind Books, Trudi Lebron's coaching & mastermind programs.)

  • We don't believe participating in one-time workshops are enough. We commit to investing in paid justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion coaching and programs on a regular basis. We were part of a six-month coaching program in 2020 led by Trudi Lebron and will be participating in her nine month mastermind in 2021.

  • When learning about or researching disabilities or neurodivergence, we prioritize and seek to learn from voices of members of that community first.