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2023 summer coaching


Empowered Summer Packages

Rising 12th

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Rising Middle Schoolers

Middle School 101


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Middle School 101

Coaches: Jess Forte-Paul & Brittany Hudson-Weeks


July 11-July 15, 2022 11am EST via Zoom


The Outcome:

  • Study skills & organizational skills

  • Confidence!

  • Relief from those “beginning of school year jitters” 

  •  A solid foundation for navigating the middle school setting


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 6th graders

  • Students who are nervous & not sure how to prepare

  • Students who want to enter middle school with a toolkit for success


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to organize using physical & digital methods

  • How to use a planner

  • How to take notes

  • Plus we’ll explore topics that students bring to the table!

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