2022 summer Workshops



**We believe all students deserve access to the benefits coaching can provide. If your family is in need of a partial or full scholarship to access services, please apply.**

Crafting your college application

Coaches: Caroline Sumners & Jess Forte-Paul


June 6 - June 10, 2022 1:30pm EST via Zoom


The Outcome:

  • Heading into senior year feeling cool, calm, and collected!

  • A college essay that shows what you bring to the table

  • A completed application of your choice (ex: Common Application, Common Black College Application, or a specific college or university's standalone application)

  • A clear schedule with deadlines and next steps for securing teacher recommendation letters and otheredocuments to complete your application


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 12th graders who want support in completing their college applications in a way that shows how amazing they are!

  • Students who want guidance and feedback in the process of applying to college

Middle School 101

Coaches: Jess Forte-Paul & Brittany Hudson-Weeks


July 11-July 15, 2022 11am EST via Zoom


The Outcome:

  • Study skills & organizational skills

  • Confidence!

  • Relief from those “beginning of school year jitters” 

  •  A solid foundation for navigating the middle school setting


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 6th graders

  • Students who are nervous & not sure how to prepare

  • Students who want to enter middle school with a toolkit for success


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to organize using physical & digital methods

  • How to use a planner

  • How to take notes

  • Plus we’ll explore topics that students bring to the table!