Please note that if social distancing guidelines are still in place this summer, students will receive this valuable support virtually. We will work with your student to ensure they are comfortable with our online communications tools.


Summer Schoolwork Support

Does your child have summer work to complete for next year’s classes? We help students take charge of their work & avoid procrastination. We meet with students to create a plan for completing their summer work and provide accountability check-ins & conceptual support along the way. 


Summer Reading, Writing, or Math Support

Does your child need support on developing their reading, writing, or math skills? We provide support & exercises that help your students hone their skills over the summer whether they need review or are looking to challenge themselves to learn more difficult material. 


Spanish Support

Practice reading, writing, and speaking Spanish.


Advanced History Course Preview

AP® US History is often the first college-level course students take, and many students enter this course without knowing how to study. We help them get a head start by teaching them the study strategies they will need to succeed in this fast-paced course as well as previewing the historical periods of US history with them. 


Advanced High School Biology Course Preview

We help students preview the challenging biological concepts they will learn in their courses at school, including IB or AP® Biology. We also teach them valuable study strategies they can use to succeed in these courses.


Testing Preparation

We can provide targeted support to students as they prepare for college entrance exams.


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