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Some of you have even reached out over the past year and asked how you could help some of our families who would benefit from what Empower offers but are not currently able to cover the full cost. I appreciate those of you who have already helped, and we are now formalizing the process a bit!

I do want to acknowledge that this type & time of giving is not for everyone. I know this year has been one of struggles and stresses, and if you’re not in a position to support another student’s coaching right now, or you prefer to support a different cause, I completely understand! Furthermore, I value your role in our Empower community. 

However, if you are interested in supporting our students, please read on: 

It has always been important to me to provide Empower's services to as many families as possible. I believe all students who would benefit from coaching deserve access to that support. 

Over the past year, we have ramped up our efforts to provide full and partial scholarships to families who requested them and who face economic barriers to accessing our services. We have reached the maximum we can personally contribute from our business & personal funds, and so I’m reaching out to our Empower community to ask for support from those of you who believe in what we do and are in a position to support access for other families.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a student whose family would otherwise not be able to financially access academic coaching, consider making a sponsorship here (non-deductible as we are a business). We truly appreciate sponsorships of any size.

I do want to note that:

  • There is absolutely no obligation to do this! It is completely up to you. Just do it if you feel led to!

  • We will keep both sponsors & sponsorship recipients anonymous to each other. However, you may not be anonymous within the Empower Team as we keep internal records. Know that in interacting with others outside of our Empower Team, we will respect your privacy.

  • Because we are a business rather than a non profit organization, your sponsorship is NOT tax deductible.

  • We acknowledge that this is an exchange of trust. We are dedicated to transparency in how we are using the sponsorship funds,so if you do give, we will share a link with you that shows updates on at least a quarterly basis of how many sponsorships we’ve received and the number & value of sponsorships we are providing to students.

  • We are keeping sponsorship funds in a separate account (hence the PayPal link rather than our usual payment system) and only drawing upon them when sponsored students need them. For example, if a student requests a full scholarship for coaching, we will transfer over the cost for that coaching from our sponsorship account to our regular account once the student is enrolled.

  • If we reach a point where giving exceeds our scholarship students, we will be sure to keep you updated on that so that you can adjust your giving accordingly or you can help us get the word out that we're able to support more students.

We do already have families requested sponsorships for this school year, so your gift would have an immediate impact

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