spanish groups

​Spanish SMALL Groups (8th & 9th grade)


  • Academic coaching for students who want supplemental information for Spanish courses in 8th or 9th grade. This may provide information that students did not receive before entering high school, causing gaps in their language or grammar. 

  • Topics to cover - parts of speech, subject pronouns, verb conjugations, subject adjective agreement, singular/plural, contractions, possessive adjectives, tener que v hay que,  and more.

  • A group of grade-level peers led by a knowledgeable and caring academic coach

Who is this for?
  • Students who want extra support & guidance from an academic coach

  • Students who feel that they have gaps in their Spanish language, both in comprehension and output (writing/speaking). 

  • Students who want to learn how to study and organize their time to create study habits specific to language learning that are beneficial for them. 

  • Students who are struggling with conjugations, new verb tenses (past tense, future tense), or who want support with grammar. 

  • Students who want positive academic interactions with other students during digital or hybrid learning

  • Students who are comfortable working with peers, receiving guidance and feedback from peers, and who are looking to improve their Spanish skills overall. 

  • Students who want support on planning for projects and major assignments.

  • All students in a coaching group will be in similar grade levels.

What are the benefits?
  • Safe interaction with  peers and a knowledgeable, compassionate coach

  • Challenging and supportive learning environment

  • Actual conversation & growth -- no DIY packets!

  • Small group - no more than 5 students


What’s the price & commitment?
  • $225 per month for weekly sessions each week school is in session

  • No long-term commitments; students sign up for the year, but you may cancel at any time with 2 weeks noticed and future monthly payments will be halted.


What’s the process for signing up?
  • Parents:

    • 1. Confirm that your child wants to participate. This is key to success in the program.

    • 2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.