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sponsorship application

At Empower Academic Coaching, we believe that all students deserve access to the transformative power of coaching. (Please read about what academic coaching is to determine if this is right for you and your child). We help students set goals and develop strategies that lead to self-empowerment. We have a varying number of full & partial scholarships based on specific needs.


We specifically want to offer these sponsorships to families who are economically disadvantaged and who may otherwise be unable to access this service. Want to help support a family who would benefit from academic coaching? Check out our sponsorship opportunities.

Parents & caregivers, please apply with your child present. This helps us make sure we are all on the same page and have a similar vision for what's possible through coaching! 

Scholarship recipients and their families will be notified of program requirements prior to enrollment.

 You may apply three ways:

  • the form below

  • email us a video response to the questions:

    • Parent/Caregiver Name, Email, Phone​

    • Scholarship Type: Group Coaching, Class, or Individual

    • Scholarship Amount: Full or Partial 

    • Parent/Caregiver: Why do you want academic coaching for your child?

    • Parent/Caregiver: What would you like support with in your child's education?

    • Student: Why do you want academic coaching?

    • Student: What are your biggest struggles in school and learning?

    • Student: What are you proud of in school and learning?

    • Student: What goals do you hope to reach through coaching?

  • call us with your responses - 404-884-8583

For all of these, please make sure the parent/caregiver & child answer the indicated questions.

Sponsorship Application



Thanks for submitting!

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