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What Is ADHD Coaching and What Should I Look For in a Coach?

ADHD coaching can look different depending on who your coach is. I'm still perfecting my elevator pitch on this, but here's how I define it:

ADHD coaching is personalized support that works *with* the ADHD mind instead of against it. We focus on strength-based questioning to support you in identifying, mapping out, and reaching your goals.

How does that sound as a practice? Notice how there's no mention of guaranteed results or a timeline for success. Everyone is different, and everyone with ADHD operates on a different timetable and skill level depending on the strengths and difficulties with Executive Functioning.

In my practice, I work with clients through a 7-week process where we identify goals and levels of skill within the executive functions. We look at supports that are available for difficult areas and lean into our strengths to map out a path for success in reaching goals.

Each week we meet for accountability checks on making progress with each goal. During the session, we review takeaways from previous sessions, reflect on goal setting and progress towards goals, brainstorm and troubleshoot any problems that got in the way, and celebrate any small steps towards success.

When needed, I provide strategies and will reflect back anything that clients are and aren't saying in sessions to help them understand where their blind spots are, but overall my clients have found success simply in responding to questions that help dive deeper into the root of issues that they're facing.

Why a 7-week process?

In working with clients, I found that an initial intake session is beneficial for exploring goals and how clients think about themselves as far as their executive functioning goes.

It then takes about six weeks for clients to see positive changes and growth towards achieving their goals. I happily work with clients after the 7 weeks, but most clients are happy with their growth and know that my door is always open for returning when and if they hit roadblocks in their journey.

Why question-based coaching?

What I've found with most clients is that their struggles tend to be rooted in beliefs they hold from negative messaging in grade school or through workspaces that weren't neurodivergent friendly. Through questioning, we get to the root of the issue and brainstorm ways to use strengths to their advantage. I do believe that with this process it's possible to coach myself out of a job… which while not financially the best on my end, it is best for the client.

Green Flags in an ADHD coach

  1. Certification through an ADHD coaching program.

  2. A coach who has ADHD or is neurodivergent.

  3. Someone who aligns with your identities, values, and beliefs.

  4. Process

  5. Partnership

  6. Offering unique solutions

  7. Goal oriented

  8. Passing the "vibe check"

Red Flags in an ADHD coach:

  1. Neurotypical & learns about ADHD from neurotypicals

  2. Only certified in life coaching, or not certified in any neurodivergent training

  3. Offering a "quick fix" or guaranteeing life-changing results

  4. Focusing on making money/finances

  5. Sticking to a one-size-fits-all model

  6. Solutions oriented

  7. Unable to explain or offer resources

If you're interested in talking about what ADHD coaching could look like for you or a loved one, reach out for a free consultation! I work with kids and adults who have ADHD as well as parents who want support on helping their ADHD child.

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