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3 Tips: Time Management for Kids

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Last month in the Empowered Student Circle, we explored planning and time management skills through thoughtful questioning and reflection.

Time Aphasia or "Time Blindness" affects a lot of folks who struggle with executive function, especially those with ADHD. When we're looking at managing time itself, there are some things that I've used with clients that have been super helpful.

Tip #1 - Timers for information, not pressure

Rather than setting timers to beat, set a timer to see how much you can do in that allotted time. For example, "Let's see how many problems you can get done in 5 minutes." rather than "Try to complete 5 problems in the next 5 minutes."

Tip #2 - Use tools besides timers

Use tools that help you monitor time. I use songs and playlists to keep track of how long things take. I have a playlist that's an hour long for cleaning, thirty minutes long for writing blocks, and I have a five-song maximum allotment for getting ready for any outside adventure.

Use the tools that work for you! A lot of my clients use timers until they feel comfortable understanding how long 20 minutes actually is.

Tip #3 - Use past successes

Ask your child, When does time feel easiest to manage?

Make a note of all of the things that make the time easy in those moments and try to use those same tools throughout the day.

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