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Strategies for a Smooth Transition to Middle School

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The transition from elementary school to middle school is a big one. We asked some of our middle school experts here at Empower for some strategies kids and families can use to help them adjust to their new educational environment.

  • Go to the open house or meet and greet your school offers and walk from class to class in the order of your schedule. One of the biggest adjustments for middle school students is moving from so many different classrooms each day. Trying it out first before the first day is one of Coach Kate’s favorite tips. “This removes a big stressor from the first day of middle school!” she says. “But, of course, in the end, there are tons of adults who are happy to help if you get lost!”

  • Explore the school’s website. This is a great way to preview information about your teachers, the media center, and school events.

  • Learn your transportation info early. Coach Brittany encourages middle schoolers to gather this info so that they’re not feeling confused about how to get to school or home. At open house, look for things like your bus route number and where buses, car riders, or walkers depart from.

  • Learn the difference between Due Dates and Do Dates. Coach Jess shares that due dates are when you need to have something done; do dates are your own personal deadlines for when you’ll actually do the work. Shifting to this mindset can help middle schoolers feel peaceful and prepared.

  • Get to know your teachers, and help them get to know you. In elementary school, you spend a lot of time with your teachers. In middle school, you often have less time because you have up to 7 or 8 different teachers throughout the day. But your teachers still definitely want to get to know you and how they can best support you! Think of one question you’d like to know about them to ask at open house, or send them a short email with a few facts about yourself and what you’re looking forward to this year.

These are exactly the kind of strategies we help middle schoolers learn in our Empowered Student Circle groups.

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