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New EAC Program – Introducing the Empower Parent Circle

As a parent of a teenager or tween-ager, have you ever felt like you’re met with a barrier between connecting with them on academics? Have you been met with no’s over and over? Do they seem defiant and reluctant to share what’s happening in school and their lives?

Coach Jess and Coach Megan researched our current Empower parents to learn more about the challenges parents are actively facing with their teens. Below are some of the common threads that were brought up in those conversations:

  • "We want to learn some of the triggers that we might be causing without knowing."

  • "Understanding how to support her through her anxiety brings my anxiety up."

  • "Everything is a challenge, and there's a lot of defiances. So you know we clash a lot, we're not good with boundaries and regulations."

  • "He probably has a different way of learning and maybe that's not being catered to at school, and we're struggling to navigate that together."

  • "We're ready for a change but she's not ready for coaching."

If this sounds like you, we have a solution! Coach Jess and Coach Megan have created a wonderful parental coaching group to help you navigate the difficult relationships of working with teens. The Empower Parent Circle (EPC) is designed to help support you in relating to your teen and building productive relationships.

What is EPC?

EPC is a group coaching program designed to empower you to navigate challenges with your child and move from struggling to confident!

The program is designed to look at how developmental and academic challenges might impact your child and how to move through them together.

EPC is a comprehensive 6-month transformative coaching program, led by Coach Jess and Coach Megan, two experts in coaching and developing parental support workshops!

You will receive guided support & resources from trained professionals and other parents navigating the same struggles as you.

Who is EPC designed for?

Well, that answer is fairly simple – EPC is designed for parents who are ready for a change! If you are seeking more support on why your child is struggling in school or are frustrated with looking for ways to understand your child, EPC is right for you!

Coach Jess and Coach Megan have spent countless hours creating a framework to make lasting changes in how parents can navigate conflicts and challenges with their children. Stemming from a values-based approach, parents will gain a sense of community from other parents and guided support from our trained coaches.

The results you will gain from this program:

  • Strategies for moving forward in your relationship with your child

  • ​Finding peace of mind when navigating conflicts

  • Feeling confident in the face of academic, developmental, and parenting challenges ​

  • Ways to navigate everyday struggles with your child

  • ​Shifting your mindset so you feel confident and equipped

  • Self-forgiveness and self-compassion

  • Knowing and understanding how to support your child in the best way for them

Take a moment to review the EPC Curriculum below!

Wow! Coach Jess and Coach Megan have put together an amazing program to support parents. By the end of the EPC program, the intention is to take every parent to…

  • "Now I know when to give him space and when to offer support."

  • "I feel comfortable navigating both of our emotional needs around tough conversations."

  • "We know how to set expectations that align with our values and fit her sense of justice."

  • "When there's an issue at school, we know how to move through it together."

  • "We can navigate these challenges together now."

We look forward to supporting you and your family in the next phase of your relationship-building with your teens!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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