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New EAC Programs – College Prep & College Prep Express

We are launching two new programs – College Prep & College Prep Express! Both are designed to support rising seniors in preparing for college and give families peace of mind in knowing that their student will receive the very best support from our talented professional coaches at Empower.

You know that at Empower we are big believers in empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness, so we’ve thoughtfully curated a program that brings peace to what can be a stressful process.

We don’t want our students to feel stretched thin next year.

Instead, we’ve created College Prep & College Prep Express to empower them to complete a college application they feel proud of in their senior year! They can focus on doing their best – and enjoying their final year of high school with all of the fun and exciting events and memories that brings!

What is College Prep?

College Prep is a blend of customized, targeted 1-on-1 coaching sessions and supportive group coaching designed to empower rising seniors in developing a completed college application they are proud of.

College Prep aims to take all students from overwhelmed and stressed out to confident and ready to submit applications to their top choice schools that reflect their educational values – all by the Early Action deadline!

College Prep and College Prep Express are designed for rising seniors who intend to go to college. Applying to college is stressful, so both programs aim to reduce stress in the application process. Both programs are designed for students who want to do their best without sacrificing their mental and emotional health in the process.

If you are a rising senior (or have a rising senior) that is excited about the prospect of being done with college applications before senior year – These programs are for you!

Wait, so what’s the difference between College Prep and College Prep Express?

College Prep Express is the bite-sized version of College Prep. Check out the graphic below for a clear comparison of what each program offers and how they differ.

What is the intended outcome of both programs?

Regardless of which program you elect to join, the outcome remains the same:

  • A finished application ready to submit by early action deadlines - without stress!

  • ​Increased confidence

  • ​A plan that your child puts into action with ease & mentor support

How do I know which program is for me?

  • If you haven’t begun thinking about college and potentially struggle with completing work between sessions – College Prep is for you!

  • If you want all of the perks of College Prep, but ONLY want to participate over the summer – College Prep Express is for you!

Join us for college preparation support! Our Final Registration Deadline: March 30th!

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