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Parents & Guardians
of Kids with ADHD


Coach: Megan Buck


Tuesdays at 6pm EST via Zoom - May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, July 5 & July 12, 2022


What's Included:

  • six hour-long small group coaching calls (no more than 15 parents) with certified ADHD coach, Megan Buck - calls will be recorded in case you can't attend live

  • the opportunity to ask questions related to your family's specific needs

  • a deeper understanding of ADHD and the associated strengths & challenges

  • concrete tools & shifts in thinking to help you support your child in those strengths & challenges

  • a copy of Driven to Distraction in your preferred format plus access to other educational resources

  • a community of parents and guardians navigating similar challenges

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