2021 summer classes

Now enrolling for all our summer programs - use the links below each to sign up, and use the CONTACT form at the bottom of the page or email us if you have questions!

Below are descriptions of our small group classes this summer; for 1-on-1 support, click here.


**We believe all students deserve access to the benefits coaching can provide. If your family is in need of a partial or full scholarship to access services, please apply.**

High Schoolers

  • Cultural Explorers - High School Level 

  • Crafting Your College Application 

  • How To: Health & Wellness When I Need It Most

  • High School (9th-12th Grade) Summer Work

Middle Schoolers

  • Intermediate Spanish 1 - Conversational Camp 

  • Intermediate Spanish 2 - Past Tense 

  • Cultural Explorers - Middle School Level

  • Middle School 101

All classes will be taught on Zoom.

Cultural Explorers

Below the Surface: Diving Deeper into Cultural Exploration (All Languages)

Coach: Kate Wilson


High School Group - June 7-11

Middle School Group - June 28-July 2


The Outcome:

  • Confidence & passion for learning another language

  • Cultural awareness & analysis

  • Understanding of and appreciation for cultural differences


Who It’s For:

  • Students in a world language course (Spanish, French, German, etc.) who have lost their passion for learning about it 

  • Students who want to gain a better understanding of their own culture

  • Students who wish they had more time for cultural exploration at school

  • Students who have lost the “spark” with their world language

  • Students who struggle to remember the “why” behind learning another language


What We’ll Learn: 

  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of cross-cultural exploration, empathy, and understanding. 

  • Students will learn to search for the why behind the cultural expressions that surround them--both in their own culture and in others. 

  • Given that we can only begin to explore another culture once we have an awareness of our own, students will also be given the opportunity for self-reflection related to their own cultural values. 

  • The knowledge from this camp will serve them academically, socially, and personally throughout many stages of life!

Join us for Cultural Explorers - High School!

Join us for Cultural Explorers - Middle School!


June 14-18, 2021 2-3pm

Coach: Caroline Sumners & Jess Forte-Paul


The Outcome:

  • A college essay that shows what you bring to the table!

  • A completed Common Application

  • A clear schedule with deadlines and next steps for securing teacher recommendation letters and other documents to complete your application


Who It’s For:

  • Rising seniors who want support in completing their college applications in a way that shows how amazing they are!


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to word your high school experiences to effectively communicate with colleges

  • How to fill out the Common App

  • How to write an amazing college essay

Please join us for Crafting Your College Application!

how to: health & wellness when I need it most

Coach: Jess Forte-Paul & Megan Buck


July 5-July 23, 2021


The Outcome:

  • A personalized self-care kit to help students embody physical & mental health

  • Confidence & empowerment related to their own health & well-being

  • Ability to draw on these strategies during the school year to support academic & personal success


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 10th-12th graders


What We’ll Learn: 

  • Physical wellness strategies

  • Mental wellness strategies

  • How to access these strategies as you need them throughout the school year

Join us for Health & Wellness When I Need It Most!

high school SUMMER WORK

Coach: Megan Buck


June 14-July 23


The Outcome:

  • Summer work - complete!

  • A toolkit of strategies for planning & organizing long-term assignments

  • A feeling of relief - a large project doesn't have to feel stressful!


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 11th graders

  • Students who would like suppnort in organizing their work with suggested due dates & accountability check-ins to stay on top of assignments

  • Students who don't want to have to suddenly rush and complete all of their summer work the last week of July - but who can instead relax that last week before school & enjoy a peaceful break!


What We’ll Learn: 

  • Retrieval practice

  • Distributed practice 

  • Time management strategies

  • How to chunk assignments

  • How to access these strategies as you need them throughout the school year

  • How to discuss theme & characterization

Join us for our High School Summer Work workshop!


Intermediate Spanish Conversational Camp 1
for students who have completed Spanish 1

June 14-18, 2021, 12:30-1:30pm

Coach: Megan Buck


The Outcome:

  • Confidence

  • Increased Spanish conversational skills

  • Ability to lead a conversation about your favorite thing and listen & respond to others


Who It’s For:

  • Students who have completed Spanish 1 (middle or high school)

  • Students who enjoy Spanish and are looking to improve their conversational skills


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to talk about your favorite thing

  • How to pause effectively to process what you’re hearing

  • How to ask and answer questions in a conversation

  • Vocabulary, phrases, and transitional words to use in conversations

Join us for our Intermediate Spanish 1 Conversational workshop!


Intermediate Spanish Camp 2
Focus on the Past Tense through Superhero Origin Comics

June 21-25, 2021, 1:30-2:30pm

Coach: Megan Buck


The Outcome:

  • Confidence in Spanish communication

  • Increased skills writing & speaking using the past tense in Spanish

  • Ability to tell a story using the past tense - both preterite & imperfect

  • New approaches for complex assignments as they progress in their Spanish curriculum


Who It’s For:

  • Middle school Spanish students in Spanish 2 or 3 

  • Students who enjoy Spanish and are looking to improve their past tense skills


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to write a superhero origin comic using the past tense & new vocabulary

  • How to use the past tense in writing & speaking

  • New vocabulary & ways to use the past tense 


Join us for our Intermediate Spanish 2 Past Tense workshop!

Middle School 101

Coaches: Jess Forte-Paul & Kate Wilson


July 19-July 23, 2021


The Outcome:

  • Study skills & organizational skills

  • Confidence!

  • Relief from those “beginning of school year jitters” 

  •  A solid foundation for navigating the middle school setting


Who It’s For:

  • Rising 6th graders

  • Students who are nervous & not sure how to prepare

  • Students who want to enter middle school with a toolkit for success


What We’ll Learn: 

  • How to organize using physical & digital methods

  • How to use a planner

  • How to take notes

  • Plus we’ll explore topics that students bring to the table!

Join us for our Middle School 101 Workshop!