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Please note: 

Individual coaching for the 2019-20 school year is currently full, but we do have a few more spots in out 9th grade small group coaching program!

Does your 9th grader need help with organizing their work🗂, keeping up with homework📝, and planning for long-term assignments and projects📅? Do they need help learning how to study?

Let us help make the transition to high school a little easier!

Contact us below for more information or to be put on the waitlist for individual coaching!

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Founder Caroline Sumners is Passionate About Academic Empowerment

In my 7 years as a middle and high teacher, I worked with many students who were intelligent & motivated but found it difficult to complete projects, manage their time, and balance academics with extracurriculars. I also worked with students who relied on sheer brain power alone to do well in school -- and once they hit that first challenging course (like AP US History), they didn't have the study tools and time management skills they needed to succeed.

I built Empower Academic Coaching to help students develop strategies and pride in their own innate learning abilities, guiding them to actualize their full academic potential. With Empower Academic Coaching, you won't get quick fixes; instead, we help students learn and implement lasting habits of success that they can utilize throughout their lives.