hacking your study skills

Is your middle schooler a high achiever who doesn't know how to study?

They excel in school but it feels like surface level learning and they want to learn at a deeper level.

They are eager to learn and remember information even after the test -- but they just don't know how.

We are looking for ten middle school students to join our six week Hacking Your Study Skills workshop. They'll get access to six weeks of small group coaching on the most effective study techniques - ones that result in true, transformative learning.

Included in the program:

  • Weekly sessions breaking down 6 key study approaches 

  • Opportunities to ask questions & get individualized support within the sessions

  • Digital workbook for reflecting on and implementing their new skills

The workshop will be held virtually via Zoom on 6 consecutive Tuesdays from 5:40-6:25pm:

  • Feb 23

  • March 2

  • March 8

  • March 15

  • March 22

  • and March 29

Academic coach Megan Buck will be teaching these sessions.

This program is ideal for 7th and 8th graders. Motivated 6th graders who are doing ok in school but feel bored by digital learning and want to learn how to learn more deeply are also encouraged to join.

The cost is $197 for the six week program. Scholarships are available for families who need financial assistance. Just email us at info@EmpowerAcademicCoaching.com for scholarship info.

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Hacking Your Study Skills: Learning the how's and when's of studying 


Does your child struggle to define what "studying" means? Do they struggle to identify how to review material? Do they struggle to find time to focus on schoolwork outside of class time? 

In this 6-week workshop, students will learn compounding study strategies that will build week to week in order to teach them what studying is, how to implement it, and how often to practice. Each week students will set goals to practice these new skills in order to create a routine that fits into their specific schedule and fits their unique needs. All course resources and materials will be available via an introductory email and upon request.

Students will send update emails to guardians about their goals or will be asked to share them after each workshop. Guardians will receive a session wrap up each week but are encouraged to discuss new study strategies with their students. 

At the conclusion of the course, if any student needs additional support or check-ins, they are able to schedule a 10-minute meeting to discuss goals and troubleshooting strategies during our normally scheduled session time for the duration of the academic year. We will also have a group chat set for each cohort that students are welcome to participate in after the conclusion of the workshop. 

List of materials to bring to each session: 

  1. Workbook and Review Guide (provided)

  2. Notebook/Binder or Agenda 

  3. Writing tool 

  4. Class Schedule 


Materials needed for some sessions

  1. Flash cards

Course Outline

Week 1:Retrieval Practice 

Week 2: Distributive Practice 

Week 3: Learning Strategies: Visual 

Week 4: Learning Strategies: Auditory

Week 5: Learning Strategies: Read Write

Week 6: Learning Strategies: Kinesthetic

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