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The Empowered Student Circle

Executive Functioning Small Group Coaching for 6th-12th Graders

Have you heard your child say:


"I studied for the test but then I forgot it all when I took the test"?

...or "I don't need help" - when you know they do?

Have you found yourself saying, "I know they are capable of so much more" -

but you're not quite sure how to help?

The EMPOWERED STUDENT CIRCLE is a safe, supportive environment to practice executive functioning skills that help kids learn how to learn and how to self-advocate.


  • A collaborative space with grade level peers led by a caring, knowledgeable academic coach (who is also a former teacher!

  • Monthly focus on an individual executive functioning skill with a chance to learn, practice, and apply to what your child is currently learning in school

  • A chance for social-emotional learning, leadership development, and EF skill building in an interactive, collaborative, and cooperative small group setting (no more than 10 students!) that fosters individual growth and teamwork

  • Safe environment to share about school and learning

  • A curriculum designed with the neurodivergent & ADHD brain in mind - but all kids benefit!

Watch our info session:

Join our waitlist
for Jan-May 2023 Groups

We'll reach out as the new year approaches to continue the enrollment process!

Please contact with any questions you might have in the meantime!

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