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10TH GRADERS - summer 2023

We’ll take students from uncertain and stressed out to confident and curious.
What is empowered future for 10th graders? 
  •  A program designed to empower rising juniors in pursuing their passions and interests in an intentional way that we help them capture for use on the next step in their path -- for most of our students, that's college applications, but we also support students in sharing those activities in pursuit of technical school, gap year programs, jobs, or internships.

  • A package of customized, targeted 1-on-1 coaching sessions for students and their parents.

  • The sessions will take place over the summer. We firmly believe the summer between 10th and 11th grade is perfect for leaning into curiosity -- for students, curiosity about self-discovery and about life after high school, and for parents, curiosity about who your child is becoming and how you can support them.

why empower?

We’ve developed this program specifically with busy families in mind. After observing & supporting many Empower students through the college application process. We’ve learned that:

  • School counselors want to help your child, but these counselors are assigned a large number of students and may not be available to answer the questions you have or fully focus on your child's needs & dreams.

  • Junior year is academically challenging. Having a solid plan BEFORE the year begins is key to your child having a peaceful, confident year.

  • Parents deeply want to help their child succeed, but there's no roadmap for this, and schools don't always proactively communicate what your steps right now should be.

  • Students are using their summers doing amazing things -- supporting their community by planting native trees, coaching youth soccer leagues, providing great dining experiences at local restaurants, shadowing veterinarians, designing and creating a fashion line from the sewing machine tucked in the corner of their bedroom -- but they may not know how to capture it for use on college or career applications OR understand how to use it to find their passion and path in life. 


You know that at Empower we are big believers in empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness, so we’ve thoughtfully curated a program that brings peace to what can be a stressful time. 

We don’t want our students to feel stretched thin next year.


 Instead, we’ve created a nurturing environment this summer to empower them in bringing a spirit of curiosity and self-discovery to their summer – so that they can enjoy their junior year of high school with all of the fun and exciting events and memories that brings!

Who is this for?

This is for rising juniors who:  

  • Want to explore college and/or other post-high school options with a supportive coach

  • Are stressed about the college application process and wondering if they're already behind

  • Have some ideas about what they enjoy and what they may want to do after high school, but they're struggling to know how to pursue those passions in a meaningful way

This is for parents of rising juniors who:  

  • care more about their child's success, happiness, confidence, and ability to share their gifts with the world, than they do about getting into a specific Ivy League school or make a 1600 on the SAT

  • are wondering if they're behind in the college process but don't want to stress their child out

  • are concerned that their child's school may not provide enough support in this area, or the support isn't available until later on in high school

Who is this not for?

This program isn’t ideal for students who:

  • Aren't interested in this type of support. Coaching is an active process, and if your child isn't interested, this program won't be effective for them.

This program isn't ideal for parents who:

  • disagree with their child about their path. If your child really wants to begin their career after high school but you want them to go to college, our process won't give you what you are likely looking for. We're coaches and facilitators, not family mediators, and we believe in affirming a person's autonomy in choosing their own life path.

    • (Please note: we absolutely can help you if you want to understand your child's vision for their future but you're struggling with understanding. That's a different situation!)

  • have one singular outcome in mind for their child, like a particular college or gap year program. Since the theme of this summer for rising juniors is curiosity, we will be helping students and their families explore a range of options.

The outcome:
  • Increased confidence
  • A summer & junior year plan that your child puts into action with ease & mentor support
  • A document capturing all their greatness that they can use in their next step, whether that's applying to college, attending technical school, building a resume for a career, or applying for a gap year program

Your child will get:

  • 7 personalized 1:1 sessions with their assigned coach to use in June and/or July

  • Text/email access to coach between sessions for quick questions & support

  • Intake assessment to create a customized plan for their success​​

  • ACT/SAT & testing guidance 

(Please note: this guidance does not include test prep. We do offer test prep separately. The guidance includes helping students identify whether they need to take these tests, which one to take, and when to take it.)

And you, as their parent, will get:

  • 2 parent 1:1 calls to get your questions answered & make sure you're supporting your child in the right areas

  • access to 4 parent group sessions (we'll record these if you're unable to attend live!) where we'll discuss topics relevant to the college & career process and have time for questions

Book a call with us! We would be happy to answer your questions and share with you how this program will be transformative for your child.
What’s the price & commitment?​

  • Option 1: Pay in full and receive $100 off - $1800 total

After purchasing, we will be in touch within 2 business days to share more details.​​

Final Registration Deadline: April 30th

We'll send you a custom agreement after payment prior to the the end of the month detailing logistics & policies.

Please note: if you would like to request a personalized payment plan or payment assistance, please contact Caroline at We have carefully and thoughtfully priced this program to reflect the full value of the high quality service delivered, but we are committed to helping our valued families, so please reach out if this is a barrier to registration.

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