SAT & ACT Prep - summer 2022

What's included in SAT or ACT prep packages?

  • SAT: Twelve 55-minute sessions of incividual, personalized SAT prep leading up to the August 27 SAT during the months of June, July, and August. Families will self-schedule these meetings with their coach in the spring, but we recommend saving 3 meetings for the month of August (after school resumes).

  • ACT: Twelve 55-minute sessions of individual, personalized ACT prep leading up to the July 16 ACT during the months of June and July (and May, if possible). Families will self-schedule these meetings with their coach in the spring.

Who is this for?

  • students who want individualized & targeted support from a caring & knowledgeable coach

  • families who hope to make standardized test prep as peaceful as possible for their student

  • students who plan to take the July 16 ACT or the August 28 SAT

  • students who aren't sure where to begin

  • students who have test anxiety


The outcome:
  • confidence!

  • a toolkit of strategies for each section of the test

  • a combination of preparation through official practice tests and targeted, personalized lessons on areas for growth

  • a supportive relationship with a caring coach


What’s the price & commitment?​

  • The total price is $1500, with the following payment options:

    • Option 1: Pay in full up front. The total cost is $1500, and this includes a $250 nonrefundable deposit.

    • Option 2: Pay in three installments: 1 nonrefundable payment $250 up front plus a payment of $500 in both June and July.