Thursday, March 18th at 4pm -  sign up here


The key here is it is truly a workshop; I’ll be doing some direct teaching but also providing time for implementation during the session.


I know it’s a stressful & busy year, and this will help give you the space you need to make progress on these important steps while in a supportive environment where you can ask questions!


By the time students leave the workshop, they will have:

  • A clear idea of which characteristics of colleges are most important to them 

  • A list of 5-10 schools they are excited to apply to

  • Knowledge about why those schools are a good fit

  • A knowledge of tools needed for doing deeper research on those schools using either in-person or virtual learning opportunities


This workshop is perfect for:

  • Students who have a few colleges they are interested in but want to find others

  • Rising juniors, seniors, or eager sophomores

  • Students who know they want to go to college but aren’t sure where to start the research process

  • Students who have a list of colleges but aren’t sure how to determine their likelihood of admission

  • Students who have a list of colleges but are struggling to explain why those are a good fit for them

  • Students who have an unbalanced list of schools and need help identifying whether schools are a stretch, a good fit, or a safety


This workshop is not right for:

  • Students who already have a complete list of where they want to apply

  • Students who can already explain exactly why those colleges are a good fit for them

  • Students who understand which of their schools are safeties or stretches

  • Students who have already evaluated whether their GPA and test scores are aligned with the school’s median

If this sounds like a good fit for you, you can sign up here!