ADHD Coaching

For college students & adults

— JST Coaching Certified — EF Coaching Certified — Life Coaching Certified — ICF Recognized — ACO Recognized —

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Note: Daytime slots still available for spring 2022
  • Personalized support for young adults struggling with ADHD in their daily lives

  • Practical skill-building and coaching from a certified ADHD coach (note: this is not therapy)

Who is this for?
  • Adults and young adults who:

    • Are seeking support in making changes in their thinking

    • Are seeking support in how they approach problems/obstacles 

    • Are committed to doing work 

    • Struggle with completing tasks or always have that ONE THING they can't get done 

    • Want to do well, but struggle with follow-through


What is this support like?
  • 1:1 half hour sessions via Zoom

    • Goal-setting and habit-building focused on your specific goals

    • Problem solving and discussion of challenges you’re currently facing

    • Accountability plans 

    • Small steps to lead you to your big visions

    • Executive functioning skill building (organization, prioritizing, initiating tasks)


  • Accountability support - communication 1-2x weekly outside of sessions (text or email)

    • Reminders for goals 

    • Check-ins about habit-building

    • Brainstorming solutions on the go 


What are the benefits?
  • Making daily life feel more manageable 

  • Confidence building 

  • Resilience building 

  • Better self-understanding in regards to executive functioning

What’s the price & commitment?

  • Initial one hour consultation including executive functioning survey, life satisfaction exploration, and goal brainstorming plus 6 half-hour sessions: $500 


  • Have you tried other forms of support that haven't worked the way you'd hoped? 

  • Are you looking to build up your skills & strengths, rather than focus on talents that you don't have? 

  • Do you know that you'd benefit from support, but aren't sure where to start?

If you said yes... you're exactly who we love to help!