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We help your child with targeted strategies and personalized review on topics that they need extra help with, and we also help them make an organized at-home study plan to continue the learning in between sessions.

What's the difference between Empower Academic Coaching and other test prep or tutoring companies?

We don't just focus on test-taking strategies; we cultivate deep understanding and reasoning skills that build the confidence students need to excel on these tests. We keep our Empower Approach at the forefront, focusing on the evidence-based strategies for how students learn and remember best:

  • by retrieval practice, or practicing the same memory and reasoning skills they will need on the exam. We incorporate tons of review of all the test types throughout the duration of our program so that students are constantly refreshed on the strategies they have learned.

  • by distributed practice, or practicing skills over a long period of time. Most tutoring companies cram tons of information into a 2 hour session. We utilize 1 hour sessions that keep students focused and motivated.

  • by learning these skills so deeply that they are able to teach them back to their academic coach. Information is organized differently in the brain when students know they will have to teach or demonstrate the material, so we provide a low-pressure situation for them to utilize this method of learning by teaching what they learn back to their coach.

Additionally, we are a small, teacher-run company. Because we are small, we provide a deep level of personalization and individual support.

The summer months give students the time to focus on preparing for the ACT or SAT without the pressures of regular schoolwork. Contact us below for more information on how we can help.

Contact us below for more information.


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