• Academic coaching for students who want support & strategies for digital learning

  • A group of grade-level peers led by a knowledgeable and caring academic coach

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Who is this for?
  • Students who want extra support & guidance from an academic coach

  • Students do well in school overall, but it never feels peaceful or easy; it feels like an emergency each time they need to study for a test or complete a project

  • Students who want to learn how to study and organize their time but have never learned how or have never implemented what they’ve learned

  • Students who want to do well but are struggling to motivate themselves, especially during digital learning

  • Students who want positive academic interactions with other students during digital or hybrid learning

  • Students who struggled to juggle their assignments during the spring digital learning and want this year to be different

  • All students in a coaching group will be the same grade level & have similar courseloads

  • We will offer these different groups:

    • 9th Grade 

    • 10th Grade

    • 10th Grade (w/ significant APUSH focus)

    • 11th Grade

    • Spanish - Beginner

    • Spanish - Intermediate

    • Spanish - Advanced Level 1

    • Spanish - Advanced Level 2


What is this support like?
  • Weekly coaching calls (via Zoom) - 36 weeks (school year)

    • Coaching Lesson: Each call starts with a coaching lesson relevant to the group’s needs that week: creating a balanced and organized weekly schedule, evidence-backed study techniques, prioritizing tasks, breaking down large assignments, crafting an outline, effective teacher communication, etc. The coach will determine what guidance to provide based on the group’s feedback & current struggles or questions.

    • Plan The Week: Next, we talk about what’s coming up that week for students: tests, assignments, projects, deadlines. We look at long-term & short-term tasks and talk about what needs to happen that week to get there.

    • Q & A: We talk through challenging concepts or skills together and provide Q&A time.

    • Next Steps: We provide accountability for each other about follow-through.

  • Weekly follow-up emails

    • The coach sends a follow-up email to parents and students summarizing the coaching lesson of the session, upcoming assignments, and the steps students are committing to taking that week to meet all of their deadlines

  • Texting support 

    • Students will be able to reach out to their coach via text or app for support and questions between sessions

  • Bonus calls

    • Coach will schedule optional bonus sessions as needed for reviewing before big exams or projects


What are the benefits?
  • Safe interaction with grade level peers and a knowledgeable, compassionate coach

  • Students who set goals within a community are much more likely to succeed with the group’s support rather than trying it on their own

  • Coaching that does not follow a strict sequence but instead is responsive to the immediate needs of the group

  • Frequent communication


What’s the price & commitment?
  • $0-250/month covers weekly coaching calls, weekly emails, texting support, and any scheduled bonus calls

    • Please note that coaching calls only occur on weeks school is in session. We automatically skip spring break, fall break, etc. Months have 3, 4, or 5 school weeks. We do not charge per hour or per coaching call but rather for the overall support provided, so your monthly charge remains the same. 

    • We provide a range of prices to support all families in accessing academic coaching. You can determine a price that works for your family between $0-250.

  • We will offer you the spot for the full academic year, but payment is month-to-month and you may cancel at any time with two weeks’ notice in order to stop your next month's payment.


What’s the process for signing up?